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This is a grim world. Any life lived in this world shall be nasty, brutish and short. 
This is an odd world. From the foul cracks and fissures of the world creeps a strange and omnipotent current – the Odd. Some say the Odd suffocated the gods. Others insist the Odd is the gods. In either case, the Odd animates the living world and it presents opportunities for the daringly ambitious.

The Grim Odd is a roleplaying game fit for playing in your favourite perilous world of unjust dealings and unworldly strangeness. Roll up a character quickly, search for magical artifacts known as Oddities, and delve into a roleplay experiences where there are no rules, but only the internal laws of the world itself. 

The Grim Odd includes:

  • A brief introduction to the type of worlds playable with The Grim Odd.
  • Nine laws of the world that both the Judge (GM) and the players play by.
  • Three tools to qualify the act of playing the world’s laws.
  • Quick character generation with a highly unfair D66 table of social classes and careers.
  • D66 table of strange and dangerous Oddities.
  • Guiding principles for the Judge and the players. 


Inspirations, design philosophy and art

The Grim Odd itself began as a desire to combine the medieval fantasy world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Games Workshop) with Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd and its emphasis on magical artifacts. Also, the odd trinkets of Mörk Borg found its way into the text.

In terms of game design, The Grim Odd identifies itself as Free Kriegsspiel Revolution game where rules are tools, where player-to-Referee trust is imperative, and where what really matters is playing the game world by its laws and not by the game's rules. The notion of playing by the world's laws rather than game rules is inspired by a splendid blog post by Sam Doebler of the Dreaming Dragonslayer.

The ever evocative art is used with permission from Perplexing Ruins.


The Grim Odd v1.0 (spreads).pdf 7 MB
The Grim Odd v1.0 (singles).pdf 7 MB
The Grim Odd v1.0 (booklet).pdf 16 MB

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